Dessert Sampler Block 23

By Christine Lux
on July 02, 2018
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Welcome to Week 7! We are going to be cruising through some smaller and filler blocks the next couple of weeks and I’m getting so excited about finishing this beautiful quilt! 

Block 23 is an easy star block. Here are the fabrics we are using. 

Follow the directions to piece the units. Note that your points will “float” a bit as shared in the pattern. (Unlike when we use a similar stitch and flip method to make flying geese.)

The center is a quick 9 patch and I webbed together and then added the points to. 

Another block to love! 

See ya on Wednesday with Block 24!

Happy Sewing!

Dessert Sampler Blocks 21 and 25

By Christine Lux
on June 29, 2018
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TGIF! We're moving right along today with two more blocks on our sampler. 

Both blocks are the same, but playing around with the color placement changes which part of the block you notice first.  In the pink and aqua one, I notice a square with a star in in. While in the red and green one, I notice more the star and not the block around it. 

Block 21 is the red & green one. 

I think this would make a fun Christmas quilt! :) (Speaking of which, have you seen the Christmas version of the sampler that our friend Tammy is making? Check it out!)

Block 25 is the pink and aqua one.  One of my favorite color combos!

I also wanted to share how I pressed these so in case it might help you. 

When I made all the HST, I pressed toward the darker print (red or blue). You can then see in the arrows the direction of each seam. 

For the corner units, I pressed toward the regular squares and then when I joined the 2-patch units, I pressed toward the square that would be closer to the center of the block. 

In the photo above, you can see the direction I pressed those seams as well as the seams when I joined all the units. I hope this helps! :)

We're officially almost halfway through the block making ... but we've made more than half of the actual quilt by size! I am planning to do another photo with my blocks laid out together this weekend and will share on Monday. 

Have a great weekend!

Dessert Sampler Blocks 20 and 27

By Christine Lux
on June 27, 2018
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Hello again!

It's mid week and we are moving right along with our sampler blocks! Today’s blocks are pretty fun pinwheels that are easy to make. 😁

I’ve always loved pinwheel blocks. They are classics and can be a lot of fun to work with with different placement of colors and prints.


Block 20 is a pink and aqua version.


And Block 27 is a red and yellow version.

 I pressed in toward the green centers and then was able to press the seams at the pinwheels in toward the center strips.

See you Friday with our next two blocks!

Happy Sewing! 

Dessert Sampler Block 19

By Christine Lux
on June 25, 2018
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Welcome to a new week!

Today's block is EASY! Let's get started ... 

Once you have all the fabrics cut, you'll need to make the flying geese. 

I sewed my geese together and pressed towards the yellow. 

From there, this is a 9 patch! I pressed seams toward the plain squares (top and bottom rows away from the center and the middle row toward the center).

We're nearly half way through ... how are things going? We sure hope you are enjoying sewing this sampler with us! 

Have a great weekend and happy sewing!

Dessert Sampler Block 18

By Christine Lux
on June 22, 2018
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Happy Friday! 

Today we are making Block 18, which is set on point and uses triangles to make it square. I've got a few extra photos for you to show you how. 

Note about the fabrics I pulled for this one: The original uses the largest blue floral from the Sea Glass Dessert Roll, but I had made a miscut earlier, so I didn't have quite enough. I subbed in a different blue floral from the roll. 

Make the center of the block as instructed in the pattern booklet. 

Once you have all the smaller "X" or "Plus" blocks put together,  you'll add quarter square background triangles to the sides of the green and aqua Xs. 

Finish the block by adding the half square background triangles to the corners. 

Press well and then use a ruler to measure and trim. In the photo above, I've drawn a red line to show that I am measuring from the center (where the Xs meet) to 4.75" (half of 9.5"). Carefully trim the block (I found that I was mostly trimming excess from the corner triangles).

Hope these photos helped you if you need it! 

Have a great weekend and I will see ya on Monday! :-)

Happy Sewing!


Dessert Sampler Blocks 17 and 22

By Christine Lux
on June 20, 2018
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Welcome back!  Today we have two blocks (17 and 22). Both of these blocks have the same construction, but use different placement and number of colors of prints to change the look up a bit. 

Block 17 is a the two color version and I just love the gingham in this one! 

Block 22 uses four colors. Both blocks have directional prints, so I was intentional when laying out all the squares and HSTs to sew them back together. 

Once you've made the HSTs accoding to the pattern booklet instructions, you are ready to get these blocks together. This is a perfect block to use the "webbing technique" on. Alteratively, you can sew them in separate rows and then join the rows. 

I pressed each of my rows in different directions. And then once I joined the rows, I pressed seams toward rows that were all squares. This helped my block to lay pretty flat overall. :-) 

The aqua and rouge pink version might be my favorite! 

See ya on Friday!

Dessert Sampler Block 16

By Christine Lux
on June 18, 2018
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Welcome to Week 5! How are you doing with your quilt so far?

We're having so much fun over here watching our quilt shape up with each new block that we finish. And now that we will be getting into the 9" blocks this week, they will come together so much faster! :-) 


Block 16 is a really pretty star like block and I love the pop of grey in this one. 

This block is made up of three different units. Make each one according to the pattern instructions. Be careful to make sure you have all the HSTs going in the right direction. ;-) 

Once you get the units pieced, sew them together. I did this in three rows. 

I also wanted to point out that since the green print is directional, I did take a few extra minutes to lay out all of the hourglass pieces to make sure the raindrops would all go in the same direction. 

And that is a wrap on Block 16. We're moving into the 9" blocks on Wednesday! 

See ya then!


Dessert Sampler Blocks 13 and 15

By Christine Lux
on June 15, 2018
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Happy Fri-YAY!

We're knocking out two more blocks today ... these are essentially the same block, but look a little different just by rotating some pieces and playing with the color placement. Love it when you can use the same thing in multiple ways! 

Ok, so once you get all your prints cut, we're making more HSTs with the Cupcake papers. :-) 

(Sorry - I missed getting a photo of all my yellow pieces for Block 15 - but I think you can see the prints well in the photos below.)

You'll make four smaller blocks for each of the two 12" blocks we are working on. I followed the pattern booklet as a guide for my fabric placement. 

I would definitely check the direction of all your triangles before stitching to avoid needing to un-stitch something later. ;) 

Four of those arranged like this will create Block 13: 

And then four of these ...

... will create Block 15. So neat how in the aqua block the geese in the center are all flying away.  And in the yellow block, it looks like just four geese flying in toward the center square. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I am looking forward to Monday's block!

Happy sewing!

Dessert Sampler Block 12

By Christine Lux
on June 13, 2018
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Welcome back! Are you ready for Block 12?

This one might be my new favorite. We've made some of the units in this block before and now we are just adding them together in a slightly different way ... 

Get all the pieces cut: 

To make the quarter square triangles, follow the directions in the early pages of the pattern booklet. Here are some visuals if you need help: 

Cut each square on both diagonals. Then arrange them into how they will be for the block then sew the triangles back together. I pressed toward the blue triangle in both halves so the seams would nest in the middle. 

Finally, trim the block to size as directed in the pattern. 

Then make all the other HSTs as directed. I pressed the seams open in the smaller pink ones to help the corner units lay nice and flat. 

Once you get all the units made, it's time to assemble the block. I did this in rows. 

And then you'll be all done! 

See y'all on Friday! :)

Dessert Sampler Blocks 10, 11, and 14

By Christine Lux
on June 11, 2018
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Happy Monday! 

Today we are working on three blocks in the Sampler. Like with Blocks 8 & 9, two are the same method of piecing with different fabric placement. Then the third has a very similar construction. Let's get started ... 

Blocks 11 & 14: 

And this one ... 

Get all your squares cut and then make HSTs as instructed in the pattern booklet. I like to use my Bloc Loc to trim HSTs accurately. :)

Once you have made your HSTs and trimmed them, lay out the blocks according to the pattern directions and sew them together.  I chose to web mine like I shared a few blocks back. You can also sew them together in rows and then join the rows. 

Here is Block 11: 

And here is Block 14: 

Block 10 looks very similar with a scrappy style in terms of fabrics, but uses a few flying geese blocks instead of all 16 units being HSTs. If you've never made a glying geese block here's a quick visual to go along with the directions in the beginning of your pattern booklet. 

You'll start by drawing a diagonal line on the back of the square. Then align the square RST with one end of the rectangle. Sew along the line. Trim the seam allowance to 1/4" and press. Then, repeat with the second square on the opposite end of the rectangle. Be sure your sewing lines are going in the right direction! ;-) 

Note this photo shows the steps in progression from the bottom to the top. 

After making the geese and the HSTs as directed, piece the block together. 

I really love the scrappiness of this one! 

Here are all three of them together ... 

After getting these blocks together, I couldn't resist laying out all my blocks to see how my quilt was shaping up. SInce we started with the big blocks, look at how much area of the quilt top we have done! It's going to be fun to add in all the pieces to this pretty puzzle, don't ya think?!

See ya on Wednesday! 


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