Merry & Bright Sew Along - Wreaths 7 - 13

By Christine Lux
on July 26, 2019
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Happy Friday!

After making the wreaths last week, I zipped through the last seven pretty easily this weekend and the idea of making an extra and turning it into a pillow is feeling more and more like a "yes, I neeeeeed that!" ha!

I did want to show you a picture about how I sew just next to the drawn line instead of on them when I am doing these geese and flipped corners for this. It is a very subtle difference, but I think it really helps with accuracy. 

I worked on all the blocks at once - piecing each section at one time. Once all the sections were made, it was quick to pin the long sides on and zip them through the machine. 


Here are my new seven... 


And aren't they all lovely together?!


Hope you have a great weekend! I will be back next week with the first post on the bows blocks. :)

Happy Sewing!

Merry & Bright Sew Along : Wreaths 1 - 6

By Christine Lux
on July 20, 2019
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Hello there! 

We're getting sewing this week on our Merry & Bright Quilt designed by Kate Spain. This week, we are making the first six wreath blocks and I wanted to share a few tips and photos in case you find them helpful to you. 

Last week, I got all my fabric cut out and sorted the prints for the wreaths and bows. I made a test wreath block as well and will admit to doing this pretty quickly. There are two places I took a little more time when making the other five for this week's six wreath blocks that I wanted to share about here in hopes it helps you be successful. 

Now, you might be thinking... "six blocks in a week?! Is she crazy?" Well, maybe, BUT I prefer to chain piece several blocks at once to make my sewing time more efficient. This is less time referencing a pattern and less times up and down from my machine to my iron. LOL

I selected blocks with the same bow fabrics to work on this week - thinking this might be less confusing, but actually, it was pretty easy to keep them all straight. 

I started with the wreath centers, pinning all the small squares in place for all the blocks, sewing them all and then pressing them all, etc. 

I will say that I HIGHLY recommend that you take the time to draw the lines on the back of these smaller squares (and later when making the geese for the bows). They are small pieces and you may think, "eh... I can eyeball it." And if you do eyeball it, and the corners come out a little wonky, you will need to be extra careful lining up the rectangles on the top and bottom of the wreath center so that your middle unit of the block is tall enough. 

When I am sewing smaller squares and making geese, I will also sew just NEXT to my line instead of on it. This way when I fold the fabric back to the corner it accounts for the fold and tends to line up a little better with the original square or rectangle on the bottom. 

I followed the pressing guides in the pattern with one exception. I pressed the seam in the center of the bow open. I felt this helped this section lay a little bit flatter and also helped the center section of my block end up at the right height to match the side units. 

Once you have the center unit and the side units made, it is a total breeze to assemble these! I made five of my six in under two hours. 

And now that they are all laid out, I can't wait to make the next set! 

See you next week!


Merry & Bright Sew Along : Cutting the Quilt

By Christine Lux
on July 12, 2019
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Welcome to the first post in the Merry & Bright Sew Along Series! 

This week, we are cutting out the fabrics for the quilt and overall it's pretty easy! I will show you some photos of each type of cut so you can see a little about how I used my fat eighths from our kit. Of course, you'll need to refer to the pattern for the specific measurements. 

The first thing I did was to separate out the prints from the F8 bundle into wreaths (aqua & green), wreath bows (reds), bows (silver) and checkerboard (navy). I did notice pretty quickly that you'll need an extra aqua or green if you want all the wreaths in one of these colors as there are only 12 FQs in these two colors. (If you're getting a kit from us, we will include an extra F8 of one of the prints to accommodate this!) 

Once I got to cutting, I worked on each kind of cut (ex. wreaths, then bows, etc). I cut one print to get my bearings and then subsequently cut multiples layered to speed up my process. 

For the wreaths, you'll cut two long strips and then subcut the rectangles and squares you need. 

For the red wreath bows, you're cutting 12 squares from 3 reds and then 8 from another 2 red prints. Cut two long strips the width of the squares and then subcut them. 

For the navy, it's simple! Two long strips and that's it! :)

Finally, for the silver bows, cut two strips - one in each width of square needed - then subcut from there. 

Cut the background as instructed. (Note: a lot of the cuts are strips of the same width and you may find you are able to get some pieces out of leftovers on some strips and not have to cut quite as many strips.) 

Once I got everything cut, I put the background pieces for the wreaths in one stack and then the background pieces for the navy and grey with each of their counterparts. 

I also went ahead and decided with red bow print will go with each wreath and presorted these into stacks. 

I think next week when I start making the first set of wreath blocks, I will work on all the ones that have the same red print bows at once to streamline the process without mixing anything up. But more on that next week... 

For now, here is my test block! 

See you next week!

Aurora Merry & Bright Sew Along

By Christine Lux
on July 06, 2019
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Hello there!  

We have a fun holiday quilt along to share with you featuring Kate Spain's Aurora collection and her pattern called "Merry & right." 

I love the wreaths with bows in this quilt and thought it would be a fun quilt for an easy-going sew along. 

We do have some kits available in the shop here if you need one. Our kits include all fabric for the top & binding as well as the printed quilt pattern. 

Otherwise, you can get a PDF pattern directly from Kate's shop and sew with your own stash of holiday prints. You will need: 

  • Blocks: 1 Fat Eighth Bundle or 28– 9” x 22” cuts
  • Background: 3 1/2 yards 
  • Binding: 2/3 yard 
  • Backing: 3 yards

Here's our Sew Along Schedule: 

  • July 12 - Cutting 
  • July 19 - Wreaths #1-6
  • July 26 - Wreaths #7-13
  • August 2 - Bows 1-6
  • August 9 - Bows 7-12
  • August 16 - Assembling Quilt Top
  • August 23 - Finishing 

Follow along here on the blog and on Instagram (@sewlux) for the sew along fun!

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