Dessert Sampler Blocks 21 and 25

by Christine Lux

TGIF! We're moving right along today with two more blocks on our sampler. 

Both blocks are the same, but playing around with the color placement changes which part of the block you notice first.  In the pink and aqua one, I notice a square with a star in in. While in the red and green one, I notice more the star and not the block around it. 

Block 21 is the red & green one. 

I think this would make a fun Christmas quilt! :) (Speaking of which, have you seen the Christmas version of the sampler that our friend Tammy is making? Check it out!)

Block 25 is the pink and aqua one.  One of my favorite color combos!

I also wanted to share how I pressed these so in case it might help you. 

When I made all the HST, I pressed toward the darker print (red or blue). You can then see in the arrows the direction of each seam. 

For the corner units, I pressed toward the regular squares and then when I joined the 2-patch units, I pressed toward the square that would be closer to the center of the block. 

In the photo above, you can see the direction I pressed those seams as well as the seams when I joined all the units. I hope this helps! :)

We're officially almost halfway through the block making ... but we've made more than half of the actual quilt by size! I am planning to do another photo with my blocks laid out together this weekend and will share on Monday. 

Have a great weekend!

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