Dessert Sampler Blocks 17 and 22

by Christine Lux

Welcome back!  Today we have two blocks (17 and 22). Both of these blocks have the same construction, but use different placement and number of colors of prints to change the look up a bit. 

Block 17 is a the two color version and I just love the gingham in this one! 

Block 22 uses four colors. Both blocks have directional prints, so I was intentional when laying out all the squares and HSTs to sew them back together. 

Once you've made the HSTs accoding to the pattern booklet instructions, you are ready to get these blocks together. This is a perfect block to use the "webbing technique" on. Alteratively, you can sew them in separate rows and then join the rows. 

I pressed each of my rows in different directions. And then once I joined the rows, I pressed seams toward rows that were all squares. This helped my block to lay pretty flat overall. :-) 

The aqua and rouge pink version might be my favorite! 

See ya on Friday!

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