Dessert Sampler Block 18

by Christine Lux

Happy Friday! 

Today we are making Block 18, which is set on point and uses triangles to make it square. I've got a few extra photos for you to show you how. 

Note about the fabrics I pulled for this one: The original uses the largest blue floral from the Sea Glass Dessert Roll, but I had made a miscut earlier, so I didn't have quite enough. I subbed in a different blue floral from the roll. 

Make the center of the block as instructed in the pattern booklet. 

Once you have all the smaller "X" or "Plus" blocks put together,  you'll add quarter square background triangles to the sides of the green and aqua Xs. 

Finish the block by adding the half square background triangles to the corners. 

Press well and then use a ruler to measure and trim. In the photo above, I've drawn a red line to show that I am measuring from the center (where the Xs meet) to 4.75" (half of 9.5"). Carefully trim the block (I found that I was mostly trimming excess from the corner triangles).

Hope these photos helped you if you need it! 

Have a great weekend and I will see ya on Monday! :-)

Happy Sewing!


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