Dessert Sampler Block 16

by Christine Lux

Welcome to Week 5! How are you doing with your quilt so far?

We're having so much fun over here watching our quilt shape up with each new block that we finish. And now that we will be getting into the 9" blocks this week, they will come together so much faster! :-) 


Block 16 is a really pretty star like block and I love the pop of grey in this one. 

This block is made up of three different units. Make each one according to the pattern instructions. Be careful to make sure you have all the HSTs going in the right direction. ;-) 

Once you get the units pieced, sew them together. I did this in three rows. 

I also wanted to point out that since the green print is directional, I did take a few extra minutes to lay out all of the hourglass pieces to make sure the raindrops would all go in the same direction. 

And that is a wrap on Block 16. We're moving into the 9" blocks on Wednesday! 

See ya then!


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