Dessert Sampler Block 1

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We're diving right in today with the largest block (Block 1) in the Dessert Sampler quilt today! In case you missed the first post on Monday, you can find the printable schedule and a few other details here.

Grab your Color Cut Dessert Rolls and some background strips and follow the pattern instructions to cut all the pieces you'll need for this block. 

For Block 1, we'll be making quite a few half square triangle (or HST) blocks. There are many ways to make an HST block and if you've been quilitng for awhile you probably need no help on this! But if you are new (or just need a refresher), here's a quick photo tutorial ... 

You'll place two squares right sides together. 

Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of one of the fabrics. (I usually choose the lighter of the two so it makes it easier to see the line.) Then sew 1/4" seam away from the line. Sew on both sides of the line.

Then cut on the line, press the seam open (usually toward the darker fabric), and trim to size. I prefer a Bloc-Loc to trim, but any ruler with a 45 degree angle line on it will work just fine! 

Ok ... so go make all those HSTs and trim them down to size. 

Then arrange the HSTs to create the block pattern as shown in the pattern diagrams.

Since this block uses so many smaller blocks, I sewed the HSTs into nine 4-patches (4 aqua, 4 pink, and 1 green) and then sewed those together.

The finished block will look like this and measure 24.5" (24" finished). 

See ya on Friday when we will be making Block 2!

Happy Sewing!


  • Susan

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog by e-mail? I didn’t see a box for that. I know I’ll forget what’s going on if I don’t have a reminder in my mailbox!

  • Willette Barnes

    I love the YouTube video, it’s very informative. I kept thinking what the heck are cupcake papers, so now I know.

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