It's Time for Dessert!

by Christine Lux

The Moda Dessert Sampler kits are here and shipping! And we're ready to start enjoying sewing with so many yummy prints and colors. Are you? Let's get this QAL started! 

A little more about our schedule ... 

We'll be posting here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning this week and ending the week of August 13th.  We'll be making about 3 blocks a week and generally following the order of blocks as presented in the pattern book. In a few cases, we will jump around just a bit when there are multiple blocks with the same construction. If you like planning ahead and/or check lists, you can download our schedule here

For each block, I will share a few process pictures and any special tips for construction, if the block is a little complicated. If you are using the Moda kit, these photos should also help you identify the specific prints used in the original, but you can of course choose whatever combo you want from the kit (or your own stash). 

I will also post on Instagram (@sewlux) and I hope you'll play along and share your own blocks there too - be sure to use #modadessertsamplerqal so we can say hello! 

For today, I wanted to talk Background and getting organized. We'll share Block 1 on Wednesday.

Preparing Background, Storage & Using Cupcake Papers

I decided to go ahead and cut all of my background strips at the beginning as suggested in the pattern booklet. This will save me some time later on as I am preparing fabrics for my blocks. 

Follow the instructions in your pattern booklet for the strips. I used a fabric pen (you could use a Sharpie or other marking tool) to note the size strip in the selvage. I'll be cutting from the opposite end so the size notation will remain on the strip until I've used the strip up. Since some of the sizes are pretty close in width, this will help me easily identify the strip I should cut from as I prepare blocks. 

I am using a flat plastic box (like this one) to organize my strips. 

Those of you using Moda's kit have Cupcake Mix papers included with your kits. If you haven't used this genius product, I highly recommend watching this quick video from Moda to see how to use them. They are quick and easy and we'll use them in Block 2 on Friday. :)

That's all for now!  I'll see you on Wednesday when we'll crack these pretty rolls open!

Happy Sewing! 

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