Dessert Sampler Block 41

By Christine Lux
on July 25, 2018
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Hello again! 

Grey and yellow is a classic combination and we are playing around with it today with Block 41. Like Monday’s block, this one is another rectangular strip made up of several smaller blocks. 

Each of the smaller blocks has a couple different units. Start with making the HSTs and the strip sets for the four patch unita. Then be sure to lay everything out before stitching them together! 

Once you get all the blocks made, sew them together to make the strip.

We are inching out way closer and closer to the finish line! We hope you have been having fun so far!

See you on Friday!


Dessert Sampler Block 40

By Christine Lux
on July 23, 2018
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Welcome to Week 10 in the Dessert Sampler QAL! Today we are starting some of the rectangular “blocks” that will also fill in some spots on our quilt. 

Block 40 is actually made up of four 6” blocks sewn together. 

These little blocks are super cute and we’ve made similar units before in some of our large blocks in earlier weeks. 

I love how how fun these look together when rotating their orientation. 

Pretty easy for a Monday! See you all on Wednesday for Block 41!

Happy sewing!

Dessert Sampler Blocks 37, 38, and 39

By Christine Lux
on July 20, 2018
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It's Friday!

Today's blocks are simple HSTs and you'll have them together in no time!


With the block making winding down, this weekend would be a great time to catch up or go ahead and cut out the blocks for the rest of the quilt!


I also started separating the blocks I have made into groups - a stack for section 1, a stack for section 2, etc. This way when I go to assemble, I'll be ready to get right to it! :) 

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you on Monday!

Happy sewing!

Dessert Sampler Blocks 35 and 36

By Christine Lux
on July 18, 2018
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Happy Wednesday! 

We are on the downhill slide making smaller and filler blocks now! I finished my top the other day and it’s on headed to my quilter. 😁

Blocks 35 and 36 are cute 9 patches that are EASY! The blocks are the same, except one is blue and one is green.

After you get everything cut out, you’ll make the center 4 patch and then the four 2 brick units. 

Layout the block components and stitch them together - another great candidate for the webbing technique! 

I love the yellow flower as the background in this green one  

Have a wonderful day! See ya on Friday!


Dessert Sampler Block 34

By Christine Lux
on July 16, 2018
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Welcome to another week in the Dessert Sampler Sew Along! 

Today we are making a cute little 6” block and the pink and yellow combination is just too cute! 

This is an easy one - just a lot of small HST blocks that we can stitch up quick with the Cupcake papers. 

I decided to press half half of my pink HSTs to the white and half to the pink. And then also the same with the yellow. I then arranged them before sewing the block together so the seams would nest. 

We’ve got just a few more blocks to make and some fillers! We are getting so close! 😁

See you on Wednesday!

Dessert Sampler Blocks 30-33

By Christine Lux
on July 13, 2018
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Friday is always welcome around here! And when you see how easy today's blocks are it will just be one more reason to call Friday Fri-YAY! :)

Blocks 30, 31, 32, and 33 are QUICK and EASY 9-patches! 

These blocks are perfect candidates for using the webbing technique to sew them together quickly. :)

We hope you're having fun with the quilt along so far! 

See you on Monday!

Dessert Sampler Block 29

By Christine Lux
on July 11, 2018
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It's midweek and we're making a cute little 6-inch block today!

I love a good aqua and this block uses prints from the Beach Glass Dessert Roll, which is pretty much my favorite Dessert Roll! Aqua looks good with almost anything - it really is a neutral. But in this block, it is the start of the show. 

Block 29 is actually a block we've made before. We've made this block (multiple times!) and paired several together for Blocks 13 and 15

But today we only need one. Yay for just a few HST blocks! :)

As we're cruising along through our blocks, a few people have reached out to me about backing choices. So I thought I'd share some options that I think would look great. 

I personal plan on using one of the Vintage Holiday polka dot wide backs from Bonnie & Camille for Moda. We've used several of the small dots from this collection, so they definitely match! Can you guess which color I'll likely use? (Yes ... the aqua one! ha!)

I personally don't find piecing quilt backs to be enjoyable and with such a large finished quilt, a 108" wide quilt back just makes it too easy!

BUT, if I was going to piece a back, I would probably choose one of these florals from Nest by Lella Boutique. This is another collection that is used frequently in the Dessert Rolls and the large floral is an excellent print to showcase in a quilt back. And since the binding fabric included with the kit is also from Nest, I know that they would completement each other. 

Do you like to piece backs or are you more likely to use a wide back? Whatever the case, I hope this helps those of you who wanted a second opinion. 

See ya on Friday! 

Dessert Sampler Block 28

By Christine Lux
on July 09, 2018
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We're starting Week 8 off today and the blocks are getting smaller and quicker to make! It's so exciting to be getting so close to finishing this gorgeous quilt.

We've been making lots of HSTs for this quilt, but we're taking a break from them today! :)

It looks like we've traded HSTs for lots of tiny squares, but sewing strips and cutting them down make it easy! 

Once you have all your pieces cut and sewn, you'll basically assembly four of two types of blocks (gray and white 9 patch and the rose & white stripe) and then sew them as a 9-patch with the center square. 

I pressed toward the pink in the striped blocks. and then toward the gray in the small 9-patches. This helps your seams to lay flat. Then you are all set! 

See you on Wednesday!

Dessert Sampler Block 26

By Christine Lux
on July 06, 2018
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Happy Friday!

It's been a fun-filled holiday week over here! I managed to finish this block last night and despite so many pieces in a small block, it is relatively easy to make!

The two greens and the low volume background are a fun mix. I think this block would be great as a mini quilt! I may have to try that out ... but back to the project at hand. 

Once again, this is really a component of parts. There are essentially four 9-patches in this one. I chain pieced all my rectangle units together. The HSTs were quick using my Cupcake Papers and then I webbed them together. 

I did press my HSTs in different directions to help them nest nicely. So all the hearts, I pressed toward the green print. And then on the floral, I pressed toward the low volume print. 

This morning I couldn't resist laying out all my blocks to see how we are doing ... 

To be fair, I DO have a few extra blocks from next week already made ... but wow! We are getting sooo close! I can hardly wait to finish it. 

I think it may just hang out on the floor til we are done! haha

Hope you have a wnderful weekend!

Happy sewing!

Dessert Sampler Block 24

By Christine Lux
on July 04, 2018
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Happy 4th of July! I hope all our American friends enjoy the holiday and escape the sweltering heat! :)

Today's block is Block 24. 

While it doesn't look like it at first glance, this is essentially a 9-patch once you make all the units. 

I love the gray and pink color scheme of this one and how easy it is to make. Be sure to lay out all the pieces prior to sewing to get all the triangles in the quarter square blocks in the right spots! ;-) 

Hope you have fun with this one! 

See ya on Friday!

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