Dessert Sampler Block 29

by Christine Lux

It's midweek and we're making a cute little 6-inch block today!

I love a good aqua and this block uses prints from the Beach Glass Dessert Roll, which is pretty much my favorite Dessert Roll! Aqua looks good with almost anything - it really is a neutral. But in this block, it is the start of the show. 

Block 29 is actually a block we've made before. We've made this block (multiple times!) and paired several together for Blocks 13 and 15

But today we only need one. Yay for just a few HST blocks! :)

As we're cruising along through our blocks, a few people have reached out to me about backing choices. So I thought I'd share some options that I think would look great. 

I personal plan on using one of the Vintage Holiday polka dot wide backs from Bonnie & Camille for Moda. We've used several of the small dots from this collection, so they definitely match! Can you guess which color I'll likely use? (Yes ... the aqua one! ha!)

I personally don't find piecing quilt backs to be enjoyable and with such a large finished quilt, a 108" wide quilt back just makes it too easy!

BUT, if I was going to piece a back, I would probably choose one of these florals from Nest by Lella Boutique. This is another collection that is used frequently in the Dessert Rolls and the large floral is an excellent print to showcase in a quilt back. And since the binding fabric included with the kit is also from Nest, I know that they would completement each other. 

Do you like to piece backs or are you more likely to use a wide back? Whatever the case, I hope this helps those of you who wanted a second opinion. 

See ya on Friday! 

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