Happy Fri-YAY!

We're knocking out two more blocks today ... these are essentially the same block, but look a little different just by rotating some pieces and playing with the color placement. Love it when you can use the same thing in multiple ways! 

Ok, so once you get all your prints cut, we're making more HSTs with the Cupcake papers. :-) 

(Sorry - I missed getting a photo of all my yellow pieces for Block 15 - but I think you can see the prints well in the photos below.)

You'll make four smaller blocks for each of the two 12" blocks we are working on. I followed the pattern booklet as a guide for my fabric placement. 

I would definitely check the direction of all your triangles before stitching to avoid needing to un-stitch something later. ;) 

Four of those arranged like this will create Block 13: 

And then four of these ...

... will create Block 15. So neat how in the aqua block the geese in the center are all flying away.  And in the yellow block, it looks like just four geese flying in toward the center square. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I am looking forward to Monday's block!

Happy sewing!