Moda Project Jelly Roll

1 comment by Christine Lux

It's National Sew a Jelly Roll Day and Moda has done it again with great new patterns to help you unroll that precious precut and get you sewing! 

This year's patterns are ... 

Verticals is a beginner friendly quilt! And even if you aren't a beginner, this will be a quick weekend project you can stitch up and feel great about finishing!

Next up is Half Step ... a fun square quilt that needs a Jelly Roll and a 7/8 yard of background ... things most of us definitely have in our stash!

Then there is Pocket Change ... a classic style quilt that is easier than it looks! 

And finally, if a full quilt isn't your goal or you're just starting out quilting, check out these Four by Four Pillows!


1 comment

  • Lynn Koeppen

    Love these free patterns!

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