Easy Quilted Gift Bags Tutorial

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With the holidays quickly approaching, I always have a long list of people I would like to make a gift for. And I always seem to have a list longer than my time allows - yikes! But these quick drawstring bags are really fun and when you add a nice soap or bag of chocolates inside it's "semi-homemade!" :) 

These bags were EXTRA quick because I started with preprinted blocks from a panel by Corey Yoder in her Beautiful Day line. I used a few coordinates in matching colors from other designers but with a simple color scheme that worked out really well. (See materials list linked at the end of this post.) 

The preprinted blocks were cut at 8.5" square and then I sewed a 8.5" x 14.5" rectangle to the bottom to create the exterior of the bag. 

I also cut (2) 2" x 7.5" strips for the casing pieces. 

I adhered the exterior to fusible fleece (regular batting also works well!) and added some wavy lines of quilting. 

I folded the short ends of the casing pieces under about 1/2" and then tucked the raw edge into the fold and top stitched closed. Then pressed them in half lengthwise. 


Attach the casing strips by basting them to the two short edges of the exterior - centering them. I cut a lining 8.5" x 22.5" and placed it RST with the exterior/casing and sewed them together on the short ends. This makes a big loop. 

To finish the bag, adjust the loop so the top seams match and the lining is RST and the exterior is RST. Sew along both long edges, leaving a 3" hole in the lining on one side for turning. 

Box the seams by cutting a 1" square out of each bottom corner. 

Turn the bag right side out and close up the seam in the lining. 

Run twill or string of your choice and tie them off. Gift & enjoy!

If you don't have a panel, a fun novelty print would be a great option or a large motif that has been fussy cut. You can also make these in various sizes and make a stash of reusable gift bags to wrap gifts in each year as well!

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  • Ginger McCafferty

    Thank you for another great idea! These panel pieces can go unused, and this is a super use for them!! You are the BEST bag ladies :-)

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