Dessert Sampler Block 4

by Christine Lux

Happy Hump Day! 

Today's block is another stunner! I really love the prints in this Sea Glass Dessert Roll - aqua is one of my favorites! Here's the end goal for Block 4: 

Follow the directions to get all your pieces cut. Again, we'll be making a LOT of HST blocks, so we will use the Cupcake Recipe 2 papers again to make all the smaller HSTs, just like with block 3. Don't forget to trim the to the right size (2" unfinished). 

With so many HSTs again, I decided that for this block I would try out pressing all the seams OPEN.  I normally don't do this as I like to nest my seams, but wanted to see if this would help the block come together a bit easier. Overall, I think that it did and will lay a little flatter at some of the seams. Although, this was more time consuming and I did more pinning to make sure points, etc would match up.

Here is a photo of the back of a completed block so you can see how I pressed everything. 

Once you get all your HSTs made, you'll need to assemble the 16 smaller blocks. I encourage you to lay out each one and take a quick look before sewing them together to make sure everything is going in the right direction. I got all mine sewn and realized I had 8 of them that needed a date with the seam ripper! (Yikes!)

I followed the diagram in the pattern booklet for the fabric placement of my blocks. If you'd like to do the same, here is a quick reference: 

You'll make 2 each of the six block versions in the first two rows. And then 4 blocks with the large floral HST and 4 small heart HST blocks. 

Once I had all my blocks together, I sewed them into rows of 4 and then joined the rows. 

I really love this one - totally worth the work! :) When you finish, pat yourself on the back because you're done with the 4 largest blocks in the quilt! Woo hoo!!!!

Friday's block is MUCH easier - I'll see ya then!

Happy sewing!


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