Dessert Sampler Block 3

by Christine Lux

We hope you've been enjoying the holiday weekend! We are kicking off Week 2 of the Dessert Sampler QAL with this stunner!  This block finishes at 16" and looks more complicated than it actually is. 

We're using three different prints in addition to the background for this one. 

As you've probably noticed, there are a TON of HST blocks in this one! We're going to use Cupcake Recipe sheets #2 to make quick work of sewing them. 

Once you are ready to trim, take a minute to be sure you cut on the correct line. This Cupcake Recipe card will make two different size HSTs and we want to make the ones that will finish at 1.5" inches. So be sure to cut on the outer line as shown. 

The Dessert Sampler pattern says to make 12 identical blocks. I chose to make 8 as directed and then rotate the background pieces just a bit for the other 4 so that my seams would line up like the diagram. But making all 12 the same will work as well. :-) 

Once you've got all 12 blocks made, arrange them as shown in the pattern with the four background squares - one in each corner. I sewed my block together in rows and then joined the rows. 

I really love this block - it just needs a good press! We have now done three of the biggest blocks! Hip, hip, hooray!

See ya on Wednesday!

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