Dessert Sampler Block 12

1 comment by Christine Lux

Welcome back! Are you ready for Block 12?

This one might be my new favorite. We've made some of the units in this block before and now we are just adding them together in a slightly different way ... 

Get all the pieces cut: 

To make the quarter square triangles, follow the directions in the early pages of the pattern booklet. Here are some visuals if you need help: 

Cut each square on both diagonals. Then arrange them into how they will be for the block then sew the triangles back together. I pressed toward the blue triangle in both halves so the seams would nest in the middle. 

Finally, trim the block to size as directed in the pattern. 

Then make all the other HSTs as directed. I pressed the seams open in the smaller pink ones to help the corner units lay nice and flat. 

Once you get all the units made, it's time to assemble the block. I did this in rows. 

And then you'll be all done! 

See y'all on Friday! :)

1 comment

  • Julie Spear

    I really love this little block!! Is here a way to purchase this sampler pattern, now? I didnt see it on your shop site…i am getting an order ready now, but got sidetracked by this AMAZING sampler quilt!! 😁

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