Dessert Sampler Assembly Sections 3 and 4

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We're back in the middle of the week for the middle section of the quilt! 

Let's jump right on in ... 

Section 3: 

This one is the left side of the middle section. This one is pretty easy - with one longer 6" tall section at the top (filler + the four 9 patches) - and then the two 9" blocks with the 18" star and the filler strip. 

This first picture should show a little of the progression toward finishing this section. 

Then here it all is all joined together ... 

Section 4: 

This section is the right side of the middle section of the quilt. This one also includes that first big ole block we made at the very beginning of the sew along ... remember that one?! :)

The section looks like this when finished...

Join sections 3 and 4 and set them aside for Friday!

We will see you on Friday to get the last two sections (5 & 6) done so we can FINISH! Yay!

Happy Sewing!

1 comment

  • Diane

    I love all these samples you are making. What a fun job!!! :) Diane

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