Summer Moon BOM - Getting Started!

by Christine Lux

The Summer Moon Block of the Month has begun! We've shipped out the first month's kits and you'll find a new post each Wednesday with some photos and construction tips for a new block. 

A few things to note ... 

We are using the order shared on page 3 of the book for the blocks we will complete each month. This isn't necessarily the order the blocks appear in the book, but they are arranged by blocks all using the same background fabric. 

We will make the same block in three sizes each week. 

I am using a bucket I got a local big box store to keep my fabrics and scraps and book in. If you're at all like me, your cutting table can get a little crazy so it's nice to corral them all. 

See you on Wednesday with our first Block (Album block page 8). 

Happy Sewing!

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