Summer Moon BOM - Capital T

by Christine Lux

Summer Moon - Month 2 Block 1 - Capital T

Welcome to Month 2! We're using a different background for these three - cute little silver dots! :) 

The Capital T block is on page 16. I continue to like cutting all the pieces for all three sizes and then working on the blocks simultaneously. If you prefer to make them one at a time, do whatever works best for you!

Note: I did cut my squares for the HST portions of the block at the nearest inch (or half inch) - basically 1/8" larger than suggested. I prefer this method, which allows me to trim them with my Bloc-Loc and feel this helps me with accuracy. 

Make the HST and the geese units per the book - being sure to press as instructed. (Normally, I press toward the darker print on an HST, but your seams will nest nicely if you follow the book directions and press to the background.)

You can see in this photo that I've got all the units ready for all three sizes to head back over to my machine. :)

One tip I wanted to share is that sometimes when making geese this tiny, it can be hard to make them absolutely perfect. When I went to join them with a plain square or a HST block, I used the plain or HST square as a quide for accurate size and sewed with these blocks on top to be sure my seam allowance was nice and straight. (Hope that makes sense!)

These blocks came together pretty easily. Be sure to pin the intersections when joining rows so nothing shifts too much while sewing.

Hope you're having fun so far! See you next Wednesday...

Happy Sewing!

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