Summer Moon BOM - Bear Tracks

by Christine Lux

Hey there!  Welcome to Month 3 of the Summer Moon BOM! Month 3 Block 1 is the Bear Tracks block. And I have to say ... I love the look of this block, but it was definitely tedious to cut and sew! :) 

As with all of my other blocks, I cut all three sizes at once and then worked on them at the same time. 

This time we are cutting pieces that have 1/8th increments versus 1/4" inch increments - so be sure to pay attention! I thought about cutting this one evening, but decided to wait until I wasn't so tired - LOL!

I made my HSTs a little bigger and trimmed them down (as I usually do). 

Be sure to take the time to draw the line on the back of the background squares. With pieces so small, it is extra important to be accurate.

When I went to assemble the units, I worked in a pattern. So, while they are scrappy looking, they are very controlled as well. It was easier for me to streamline this than agonize over where each fabric ended up. But that's just me - feel free to be more organic about it. 

My goodness that small block is teeny tiny!

But they sure are cute, right? I really want to make a cute pinnie with a small one at some point. 

See yall next week! 

Happy Sewing!


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