Strawberry Social Drawstring Bag Sew Along - Supplies

by Christine Lux

Hi and Happy Friday! 

I am so excited to sew up some strawberry bags with you all next week! Here is what you will need ... 

  • The Strawberry Social or Strawberry Social Mini Quilt Pattern (PDFs are available for sale at The Pattern Basket)
  • 1 FQ for the exterior 
  • 1 FQ for the lining 
  • 1 F8 for the berry
  • 1 F16 for the leaf/stem & casing
  • 1/2 yd Batting or Fusible Fleece
  • 2 yards twill tape or ribbon for the ties

Need a supply kit? We have four fun ones to choose from and they have all the fabric needed as well as twill tape. Just be sure to get the pattern & batting of your choice!

LINK UPDATED 5/27. I've included a handy PDF for cutting the exterior, lining & casing for both the large and small bags. You can see in the photo above that the mini block is about 60% size of the original (seen in the finished bag on the left). 

Gather your supplies, share a picture and tag us on IG @sewlux with #strawberrysocialbag so we can all drool over your delicious fabric picks!

See you on Tuesday for our next post in the series, where we will piece together the exterior and prepare the casing. 

Happy Sewing!

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