Strawberry Social Drawstring Bag Sew Along - Quilting & Assembly

by Christine Lux

Welcome back! Today we are sharing all about the quilting & assembly process for this sweet bag! 

If you missed the previous post on assembling the exterior of the bag, you can find it here. And the pdf guide for cutting the bag parts (updated 5/27). 

First up, you'll need to baste the exterior to batting or fusible fleece. Then quilt it as desired. We are into wavy lines lately, so that is what we used here. I would recommend a walking foot if your machine doesn't have built-in dual feed. Big, gentle curves and you'll get a FMQ look without the FMQ!

Once quilted, trim to size. (10.5" x 25" large; 8.5" x 20" small). 

You'll then baste the casing loops in place on both ends. Use a 1/8" seam allowance here. 

Next, you'll secure the lining to the exterior - sewing only the top & bottom together - leaving the sides open. (Note: for the large bag, so the two 10.5" x 12.75" rectangles together to make a 10.5" x 25" rectangle prior to this step.) 

Press toward the lining. Then arrange the bag so that the exterior is RST and the lining is RST - being sure the seams between the lining and exterior are matching up. 

Pin/clip the sides closed. And sew both sides, leaving a 3" hole in the lining seam on one side. 

Use a ruler to measure a 1" square in each corner (do not include seam allowance in the 1" square). Carefully cut out each square. 

Pinch the opening so the side seam and bottom of the bag meet. Sew closed. Repeat in all four corners (two lining and two exterior). 

Pull the bag right sides out through the opening you left in the side of the lining. Push out all corners gently. Close seam by hand or machine. 

Press the top edge well and top stitch to secure. 

Cut two lengths of twill about 1 yd in length. Secure a safety pin to an end of the twill to be able to pull it through the casing. Create two overlapping "U"s and tie ends together to secure. 

Enjoy your new bag! 

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