Pumpkin Harvest Table Runner Sew Along: Sewing the Pumpkins

by Christine Lux

In this post of the Pumpkin Harvest Table Runner, we're sewing the pumpkin blocks. 

I like to start by sorting out the fabrics for each of the pumpkin blocks. Since this project is scrappy, I will mix up the prints to create a "variety" of pumpkins for my project. 

Begin by drawing a diagonal line on the wrong side of each small square. And then follow the directions in the pattern to add them to each of the rectangle strips that will create the pumpkin.

I also want to point out that since the pattern calls for two different background prints, you'll want to pay attention during assembly that you are using the correct prints when adding background pieces. 

Once you have assembled the pumpkin body, attach the stem unit to the top - matching the background prints.

You'll need a total of 5 pumpkins for this project. Watch me make on in this video on our YouTube channel.

Our next post in the series is all about the leaves. See you then!

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