Old Glory Flag Mini Quilt

by Christine Lux

We had a lot of fun with our Old Glory pouch earlier this month and with the Fourth of July less than a month away, I couldn't resist making a mini for my mini quilt wall in the office. It turned out so cute!

Our pouch kits are still available here as well as the PDF pattern. 

For those of you with the pouch pattern or PDF, I wanted to give you the quick run down to take the flag block from the pouch pattern and make the mini quilt version. The new B&C Wovens collection sewed up so beautifully! Kits for this mini quilt project available here.

In addition to the navy, red, & white for the flag block, you will need a F16 for the border, a 2.5" WOF strip for the binding, and a 10" x 12" rectangle for the backing. 

Cut the navy, red, and white for the flag block and assemble as directed in the pattern. 

From your border fabric, cut two (2) 1.75" x 6" strips and two (2) 1.75" x 10.5" strips. Sew the 6" strips to the short sides and press to the border. Then sew the 10.5" strips to the top and bottom, pressing to the border. 

Layer with batting and backing and quilt as desired. 

Then using a 2.5" (I actually prefer a 2.25") x WOF strip, fold in half lengthwise to create the binding strip. Sew to the front using a 1/4" seam allowance. Finish on the back by hand or machine. And enjoy!

Mine looks pretty good on the mini wall - tucked in with many other B&C friends. :) 

Happy Sewing!


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