Nova Tote Sew Along : Piecing the Pocket

by Christine Lux

Hi everyone!

It's time to get started sewing our the Nova Totes!  The pattern is from @threeowls and you can purchase the pattern to download from her shop on Craftsy here

I had a lot of questions about the measurements, etc for the pocket I pieced in my last bag, so I decided to make this pocket in the same way. Ready?

Select 24 charm squares (5" squares) and cut them as follows: 

You will then shuffle the fabrics up and sew them back together. Blocks should measure 3.5" once sewn back together. 

Next, arrange your blocks so that you are happy with the color and print placement. You should follow the diagram in the photo below. 

Five blocks will be cut in half on the diagonal as shown to create a "top half" and a "bottom half" as referenced above. 

You will also cut one block in half on the opposite diagonal to create a "left half" and a "right half." 

Place the half blocks in the rows as you layout all the blocks. 

You will sew diagonal rows together and press rows in opposite directions. Then sew the rows together. 

You will add the two bottom corner pieces (made from half of a 3" square). 

Your finished pieced pocket should measure about 10.5" x 21.5". We will trim it down after we quilt it to the Soft & Stable next week. 

You are welcome to piece your pocket however you like! This method is a fun way to show off lots of different prints or to even use up some precious scraps!

I will share some additional cutting/prep information later this weekend to help you get ready for next week's task of making all the parts.  We will quilt the pocket, main bag panel, make the straps, bottom panel, and inside pocket.  Then the week after we will put it all together! 

Happy Sewing!

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