Nova Tote Sew Along : Cutting Tips

by Christine Lux

Hi again!  Hope you are having fun making your pockets!

This weekend we will quilt and prepare all of the bag parts and then next week assemble it all and bind the inner seams. 

I am sharing some cutting tips for those of you who are making the large tote using Soft & Stable and planning to quilt in your lining and bind the seams. You will still need the pattern from threeowls as the cutting tips will refer to it. You'll note that some of pieces are larger than the pattern calls for and this is to allow for some shrinkage when quilting Soft & Stable.  We'll get it all quilted up and then trim it to size and assemble as called for in the pattern. 

Hope that all makes sense!  The cutting tips sheet can be accessed here.  If you have questions, let me know! 

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