Neighbors Pillow Sew Along - Day 4 - Assembly

by Christine Lux

Hi again! 

We are getting really close to finishing up our Neighbors pillows! How is it going?

Today, I am going to share the steps for the trees and assembling the pillow front top so you can quilt it. Ready?

The trees use what I call a "stitch & flip" method to create the shape. You'll draw diagonal lines and sew just inside the line. Then press towards the corner and trim the seam allowance. I usually trim the completed rectangle to size after adding all the corner squares just so everything lines up nicer later. 

You'll attach the "sky" strip above each house.

And then sew your houses together with the sky/trees on the left and right sides of the houses unit. 

Finally, you'll add the sidewalk/street. Now you are all set! 

We will see you tomorrow for the final post in the series and I will show you some quilting and zipper installation. 

Happy sewing!

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