Neighbors Pillow Sew Along - Day 3 - Tall Houses

by Christine Lux

Hi again!

We're back for Day 3 of the Neighbors Pillow Sew Along and we're building our Tall Houses today!

These go together in a similar fashion as the short houses, but have more windows. Let's get started by gathering all of our building materials.

Make the 2nd floor window section (glue basting these smaller pieces is a huge help!) and the window section by the front door. 

Additionally, you will piece the roof like a flying geese block, but its not a geese block, so don't panic when the sky triangles don't touch - this is supposed to be this way! ;) 

Next, being adding the horizontal house siding strips to the bottom of the roof and windows section. 


Finally, stitch the three sections together to complete the house.  

My two spooky houses ... notice I made them mirror images again like I did with the short houses yesterday. 

And here are the Christmas houses that I made using our kit

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your blocks on Instagram, too! See you tomorrow when we will assemble the pillow front. 

Happy Sewing!

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