Neighbors Pillow Sew Along - Day 2 - Short Houses

by Christine Lux

Welcome back to the Neighbors Pillow Sew Along!

Today, we're making the "short houses." We got all of the "building materials" ready yesterday, so let's get sewing!

One tip I will share before we get into some step-by-step photos of assembling these little houses is that I like to glue baste my pieces. I use a glue tip from Pen + Paper Patterns and regular Elmer's Washable School glue. A little bit of glue along the edges of the fabric (within the seam allowance) is all you need to hold pieces together without pins. Add the glue, place the two fabrics RST and press with an iron to set the glue. 

Ok ... so first things first ... lay out all your pieces. 

Start by sewing the roof section, the door section, and the windows section. 

Then add the side of the house to the windows section. And the top portion of the house to the door section. 

Join the two sides of the house together. 

And then sew on the roof! Easy peasy! 

You'll notice that I made my houses mirror images of each other - the cutting is the same, I am just orienting the door on either the right or left side of the house to add some variety to the house blocks. 

Hope these photos were helpful! We will see you back here tomorrow with the Tall Houses. 

Happy Sewing!

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