Dessert Sampler Blocks 10, 11, and 14

by Christine Lux

Happy Monday! 

Today we are working on three blocks in the Sampler. Like with Blocks 8 & 9, two are the same method of piecing with different fabric placement. Then the third has a very similar construction. Let's get started ... 

Blocks 11 & 14: 

And this one ... 

Get all your squares cut and then make HSTs as instructed in the pattern booklet. I like to use my Bloc Loc to trim HSTs accurately. :)

Once you have made your HSTs and trimmed them, lay out the blocks according to the pattern directions and sew them together.  I chose to web mine like I shared a few blocks back. You can also sew them together in rows and then join the rows. 

Here is Block 11: 

And here is Block 14: 

Block 10 looks very similar with a scrappy style in terms of fabrics, but uses a few flying geese blocks instead of all 16 units being HSTs. If you've never made a glying geese block here's a quick visual to go along with the directions in the beginning of your pattern booklet. 

You'll start by drawing a diagonal line on the back of the square. Then align the square RST with one end of the rectangle. Sew along the line. Trim the seam allowance to 1/4" and press. Then, repeat with the second square on the opposite end of the rectangle. Be sure your sewing lines are going in the right direction! ;-) 

Note this photo shows the steps in progression from the bottom to the top. 

After making the geese and the HSTs as directed, piece the block together. 

I really love the scrappiness of this one! 

Here are all three of them together ... 

After getting these blocks together, I couldn't resist laying out all my blocks to see how my quilt was shaping up. SInce we started with the big blocks, look at how much area of the quilt top we have done! It's going to be fun to add in all the pieces to this pretty puzzle, don't ya think?!

See ya on Wednesday! 


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