Dessert Sampler Block 7

by Christine Lux

We've made it to the 12 inch blocks - woo hoo! We'll be picking up the pace a bit after today - making more than 3 blocks a week and skipping around just a bit as we piece blocks that are the same or have very similar construction. 

But until then, let's knock out Block 7 ... 

Once you have everything cut, sew each printed strip to a background strip. I pressed toward the print. 

Use the mini ruler that came with your kit to cut four triangles from each strip. Be sure to rotate your ruler so you have two pairs of like triangles. 

You'll be combining triangles from two different strip sets to make the blocks. 

Sew two triangles together to make larger HST blocks. Then sew those together to complete the block. 

I made one block that was all one aqua fabric and put this in the center. I rotated the remaining 8 blocks so that the outer edge prints alternated in color. This is basically a 9-patch, so I sewed the rows together and then joined the rows to complete this block. 

Another fun one that comes together pretty easily!

See ya on Friday!


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