Dessert Sampler Block 26

by Christine Lux

Happy Friday!

It's been a fun-filled holiday week over here! I managed to finish this block last night and despite so many pieces in a small block, it is relatively easy to make!

The two greens and the low volume background are a fun mix. I think this block would be great as a mini quilt! I may have to try that out ... but back to the project at hand. 

Once again, this is really a component of parts. There are essentially four 9-patches in this one. I chain pieced all my rectangle units together. The HSTs were quick using my Cupcake Papers and then I webbed them together. 

I did press my HSTs in different directions to help them nest nicely. So all the hearts, I pressed toward the green print. And then on the floral, I pressed toward the low volume print. 

This morning I couldn't resist laying out all my blocks to see how we are doing ... 

To be fair, I DO have a few extra blocks from next week already made ... but wow! We are getting sooo close! I can hardly wait to finish it. 

I think it may just hang out on the floor til we are done! haha

Hope you have a wnderful weekend!

Happy sewing!

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