Dessert Sampler Block 2

by Christine Lux

Happy Friday! 

I've seen some pretty awesome looking Block 1's on Instagram and I'm so glad so many of you are sewing along or planning to jump in shortly!  If you are on the fence, it's not too late! 

I've got Block 2 for you today and it is another big block. But if you are tempted to panic over all those HSTs, try not to! We're going to use Cupcake papers to make a bunch of them at once and if you think of this block as being a big ole 4-patch, it make take the edge off! Let's get started ... 


Follow the directions to cut your fabrics out. You may be able to see the prints a little easier in my photo here than in your pattern booklet. 


The Cupcake papers are easy to use. Place your squares right sides together (in this case, one pink/coral print and one solid White) and then place the paper sheet on top and pin in place. Follow the lines and arrows. (TIP: Be sure to shorten your stitch length as per the Cupcake paper instructions.) 

Each Cupcake recipe paper is a little different, so before you start slicing and dicing, be on the lookout for a specific line that should be cut first. in this case, it is the large diagonal line. 


Then cut the other lines and carefully remove the papers and press your blocks open. Viola! 

You'll also need to make two small HST blocks from each of the 8 prints - see directions in your pattern booklet. (I made them the same way I made HSTs for Block 1.) 

All you have left is to assemble the block!  First, you will make 16 of these cuties. 


Sew the smaller blocks together and then join them to the larger HST block. 

Once you have those made, you will join them to make four larger blocks and then sew those together to get this ... 

This big ole block sure is pretty and worth the time to piece it. :-) 

I've seen a few comments about being concerned about keeping up and so I thought I'd share a little more about my strategy for sneaking in some sewing during the work week. Over the weekend, I like to cut the fabrics for several blocks, label them and set them as aside. This makes it a bit easier to sit down and get to sewing in the evening even if I only have a small chunk of time. I made today's block over a few days ... one night I cut the fabrics; one night I pieced the HSTs and pulled out the papers; and then the next night I chain pieced the blocks and assembled them all together into the larger block. You can do it!

Hope you have a great weekend and I'll see ya on Monday with Block # 3!

Happy Sewing!


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