Dessert Sampler Assembly Sections 1 and 2

by Christine Lux

It's Assembly week! We made it! It feels so great to have all of the blocks done and ready to put together. As I mentioned last week, I am condensing the assembly posts from 6 to 3, so we will have them all done this week. I found that they weren't too overwhelming to put together and once I got started, I couldn't wait to finish and see it all together ... I think you'll feel the same!

Before you start: 

I would suggest either laying out your quilt (if you have room) OR separate all the blocks into six piles - one for each of the sections. I think you'll find this a little easier to work from that if you were just sorting through them all to find the ones you need 

Section 1:

This section is going in the top left corner of the quilt. Start buy joining the two smaller 6" blocks together and then joining the pair to the courthouse steps block. 

Once you have this section together, you can then join it to the large pink and white block. You may find as you join blocks that you may need to ease them in a bit. In many of these joining seams you will find that there are lots of seams you can match up to help keep things lined up properly. I pinned all these seams and then eased in occasionally between if needed. (Sometimes when you have a lot of bias edges (ahem, HST blocks!) things can get a little stretched.) 

Then, you can work on the second "row" of this section. This section is two blocks with some of our filler strips between them and on both ends. 

One you have those all joined, you can then join the two rows to complete Section 1. 

Section 2: 

This section is the same height as section one, but is a bit wider and has quite a few more blocks. 

Just work in smaller sections as shown in the pattern to make bigger units and then join those to finish. 

Keep sewing those sections together ... 

Once you have this one all together, it will look like this! 

Finally, join sections 1 and 2 together... match the seams at the bottom of the small blocks on the top and then the bottom of the larget blcoks in the middle. 

See you on Wednesday with Sections 3 & 4!

Happy sewing!



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