Dessert Sampler Assembly Blocks 5 & 6

by Christine Lux

We made it! 

Today we are getting sections 5 and 6 assembled and then the quilt top is just two seams away from being done! 

Section 5

This is the bottom left corner of the quilt top. Start by sewing the three 9" blocks together and then the two blocks on the right. You'll add the HST strip to the grey/pink/yellow star and then add the pink and green gingham star to that unit.

Section 6

This section is the bottom right corner of the quilt top. The two smaller blocks are joined and then added to the larger blue block. From there, you'll add the rectangular unit of blocks. 

Finally, before adding the bottom unit you will need to sew on this little filler strip. 

Once you have sections 5 and 6 made and joined together, all that is left is to sew the three longer sections together. 

I carefully pinned these sections, matching seams when I could to help me be sure things lined up nicely. 

Monday I will share pictures of my quilt as I've worked ahead a bit and had my quilter work her magic on it! 

See ya then!

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