Crochet Trimmed Bias Tape Pouch

by Christine Lux

Crochet Trimmed Bias Tape is such a fun accent to use with patchwork projects!  Since we are featuring it in our July Pouch Club Kit, we thought we'd share some step-by-step photos for how we installed the tape in this particular project.  (Certainly, this can be used as a binding as well.)

Isn't our July pouch kit super cute?! 

For our tutorial, we are using our Sundrops Pouch Supply Kit with the yellow gingham bias tape (sold separately here). 

Step 1: Unfold the bias tape and flatten as best you can.  You don't need to get all the fold creases out, but you need to be able to trim 1/4" off of one side as shown below. 

Step 2: Lay the tape RIGHT SIDE UP on top of the edge of the right side of the patchwork panel. The trimmed side is along the edge of the patchwork. Finger press the crochet loops away from the edge so that it will not be caught in the seam.  (TIP: If this is making you a little nervous, glue baste in place or stitch 1/8" seam to baste before going to the next step!)

Step 3: Place the exterior fabric right side DOWN, pin, and sew a scant 1/4" seam. You want to be close to the crochet trim without catching it. 

Step 4: Press toward the exterior (away from the bias tape) and carefully press crochet loops away from the patchwork.

Step 5: Carefully tuck the unfinished edge of the bias tape under following the folded crease that was originally there before you opened it up. 

Step 6: Finish by top stitching the edge in place. 

Viola!  Your crochet trim is looking so cute! 

Continue making your pouch as instructed in our pattern. :)

Happy Sewing! 

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