Chantilly Tulips Pillow and Mini

by Christine Lux

Chantilly is the newest collection by Fig Tree and the colors are just so lovely and spring-like. I've been pretty obsessed with my backyard bulbs as they are coming up and blooming and tulips that last year round seemed like a good idea!

This pillow is 12 x 24" and was pretty easy to make. I used the Dutch Tulips pattern by It's Sew Emma to make three blocks. The blocks measure 6" x 10" finished, so I added 1.5" wide sashing strips (finishing to 1") between the blocks. 

Then I bordered the completed unit with 2" strips along the top and bottom and 3" strips on the sides. After quilting it, I trimmed to 12.5" x 24.5".

I quilted two pieces of backing - one 12.5" x 18" and one 12.5" x 11"- and bound one of the 12.5" edges on each to create a nice finish. I overlapped the backing pieces and placed the pillow front on top (wrong sides together) and basted in place around all four sides. I then added binding to the front, finishing on the back. 

I used this pillow insert I found on Amazon and I think it turned out pretty well!

I made an extra block and turned it into a 10" x 14" mini with leftovers!

Kits for this project as well as the Chantilly collection by Fig Tree are available here. 

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