Block Bazaar Sampler Block of the Month

by Christine Lux

We're really excited to introduce you to our next Block-of-the-Month (BOM) sampler quilt, the Block Bazaar Sampler! 

This quilt is made up of 8" and 24" blocks and measures 72" x 88" when completed. As you can see there are lots of different blocks we will be making - all with rotary cutting and traditional piecing methods. 

I have mocked up the quilt in several different color schemes to help show the versatility of this pattern - it really can suit any style or theme based on your fabric selections. 

Here is a mock up of basics and small-scale prints from Ruby Star Society. 

And another in red & green for Christmas. 

And one more ... in a mix of red, white, and blue prints & colors. 

Which one is your favorite? 

Materials Needed:

You'll need approximately 12 yards of assorted prints to complete this quilt. (For reference, the red & green version would require approx 4 yards white, yards assorted red, and yards assorted green.) 

In addition, you will need 5/8 yard binding and 5 yards backing (or 2.5 yd wide back). 

BOM Schedule: 

  • Sign ups are open now! Get the coloring page immediately to start planning. 
  • 3/15 - Block Set #1 Released
  • 4/1 - Blok Set #2
  • 5/1 - Block Set #3
  • 6/1 - Block Set #4
  • 7/1 - Block Set #5
  • 8/1 - Block Set #6
  • 9/1 - Block Set #7
  • 10/1 - Block Set #8
  • 11/1 - Block Set #9 + Finishing Instructions 

Ways to participate: 

Get access to the pattern through our BOM Course. You can access content right away when logged into our site. 

Get a scrappy curated kit subscription. This will include 4 shipments of 14 FQ every other month (March, May, July, September). You can choose Ruby Star Society Basics, Christmas Basics, or Patriotic Basics. Kits will include small-scale prints designed to play well together! Each kit shipment shipment is $54 (including shipping to US destinations) and can be added to other club shipments. 

Learn more and sign up for the BOM pattern and your favorite scrappy color way here.


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