Delilah Month 6 : In Orbit

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Ready to take a spin?! In Orbit is our next block from Jen and while there are no curves, there are Y-seams in this one! But they don't have to be scary - you can totally do it!

My first block feels really light and airy. I chose some aqua prints for the outer ring and took the time to fussy cut the star points and center square. 

Before you get sewing, be sure to mark your fabric pieces using the holes in the templates. You will definitely want to use these markings later on! 

(Side note: the triangles are not equilateral, so be sure to mark as shown in the pattern so you know which way is up!)

For these outer pieces, I pressed them in opposite directions to allow the seams to nest when I joined them. You can see for these units, I sewed edge to edge (not stopping at the template markings).

When you start assembling the center and joining it to to the outer units, you will want to sew from the markings only (or dot-to-dot). Start at one, backstitch to secure and sew to the opposite side's marking, being sure to backstitch there also. (When backstitching, don't go back beyond the markings.) 

Note that I have also taken the time to cut all the notches at the corners - these help to line up all the pieces. 

If you need more help with y-seams, check out this tutorial I shared for the Smitten quilt here.

I am still stitching my 3rd and 4th blocks together, but I took a few pictures to show the fabrics I am using.  I will come back and add the completed block photos soon!

And finally, block 4 for this month. 


Have fun and don't let the y-seam intimidate you! :-)

Happy Sewing!

1 comment

  • Ruth

    Thank you for providing such beautiful photos as you completed the blocks. This looks like it was a lot of fun!

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