Delilah Month 5 : North Star

by Christine Lux

For month 5, we are making five North Star blocks!  These are also the first 9" blocks and these were so refreshing to make after the curves in the Fairhaven block - ha! 

Piecing the quarter units goes quickly and I chose to press sections in opposite directions to allow them to nest and lay a little flatter. (In the image below, I pressed away from the lighter pink and toward the red/pink spot before joining them to make the square unit.

I really loved sewing this block as it looks so different depending on the prints you choose and where you place colors. In this one, I used the same number of prints for the stars as the previous, but used 2 in the background instead of one.

It never ceases to amaze me how you can mix and match designers together who you would never think to otherwise and it works! 

I chose the color scheme for this next one using the green tiger print as a starting point/focus print.  I selected a purple, sky blue, and chartreuse green to pick up some of the colors from the tiger print. If you are a little shy about mixing prints, this is a great method - its kind of like getting dressed ... choose a printed shirt and then select a cardigan and skirt that uses similar colors. ;-) 

And lastly ... this pretty orange and periwinkle one! 

My blocks for this month are probably a little more organized than Jen's originals in that I used a limited number of prints and repeated them throughout the block (like all one background above). You can, of course, go all out and use a different print for every piece in the block. That's what's fun about a project like this one. 

Happy Sewing! 


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