Delilah Month 4 : Fairhaven

by Christine Lux

The Fairhaven block brings us back to piecing curves ... and a lot of them! There are a lot of pieces in this one and I tried not to agonize over which fabrics to use and where. It is a scrappy quilt after all! 

This block has a lot of pieces. It certainly took longer to cut it all out than it did to sew it together!  I like to cut and lay them out as a I go - especially for blocks like this where there are reverse cuts of the templates as well. 

When you are cutting these pieces, if you can cut the lconcave curve (shown below in pink) on the bias, you will have a little more stretch to work with then sewing the pieces together.

I fold both pieces in half and finger press to mark the center. 

I use the folds to align the centers of both pieces and pin. 

I usually use a total of three pins - one at each end and then the center one to hold everything in place while I ease the fabric around the curve as I sew. I didn't bother to mark the template markings on these curves and sewed from edge to edge.

My first block is a little more "controlled" and uses less different prints than some of my others. I used two background fabrics and had a little fun with the thin black stripes in the corners. 

For block 2, I chose to use four colors - aqua, yellow, blue, and orange. I made a pinwheel effect with my placement of the colors. And I used that awesome Essentially Yours B&W Stripe for the ovals, which I think adds something really fun!

And block 3 ... yup, you will need 3 of this month's block. 

I thought I would also share how I have been organizing/storing my blocks. I got this Art Bin off of Amazon and the interior is large enough to hold a 12.5" unfinished block. I keep my finished blocks flat on the bottom and all my templates and fabrics on top.  I keep all my backgrounds folded up together and my colors (fat 16ths) together. I also keep my small rotary cutter in the bin so its there and easy to find when I am ready to work on the next block.

Until next time .... Happy Sewing! :)

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