Delilah : Machine Piecing Curves

by Christine Lux

If you have been sewing along with us so far, you've noticed that there are some curves along the road to our finished Delilah quilt.  For many of you, sewing curves may be a new skill. I thought we'd share a few tips... 

I like to use anywhere from 3 to 5 pins depending on the size of the block.  In month 1, the blocks were a little smaller, so I used three.  In month 2, I used five pins on the outer most curves. 

I start folding both pieces to create a crease along the center.

Then, I pin the center and then the straight edges on the ends of the two pieces. (On larger curves, I will add a pin between the center and edge pins.) 

To sew, I start at the left, sewing with the concave piece on top.  I do remove pins as I go and use a stiletto tool to help manipulate the fabric and ease it in as a I go around the curve. I sew these fairly slowly and will stop and lift the presser foot as needed. 

There are lots of great videos on YouTube that show how to sew curves.  This is a quick one that also shows how to use a stiletto tool.

Someone in the Delilah Facebook group also shared that they like to use Wonder Tape to help them hold the pieces in place.  I haven't tried this method, but found a video here if you are interested. 

With these first few blocks, another option would be to cut your pieces about 1/2" larger (past the straight edge sides of the templates only - NOT the curves) and then trim to size once assembled. 

Regardless of your preferred method, I have found the best way to perfect your curved blocks is practice. :)

Hope this post is helpful to you!

Happy Sewing! :)

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