Stocking Stuffer Week

Daily Deals on select yardage, precuts, bundles, notions & more will be listed between 9 and 10 PM the night before.  Prices will be good until midnight the day of the deal. 

Participate by purchasing a Stocking Stuffer Envelope with your first purchase during the week.  Use coupon code STOCKING17 so we know to hold your order. Add additional daily deals using the coupon code STOCKING17.  We will hold your order(s) until the end of the Stocking Stuffer Week and ship them all together between Dec 11 and 15th.  We will upgrade your shipping to the next level (for example from an envelope to a medium box) free.   All "stockings" will ship between Dec 11th & 15th. 

If you have questions, please contact us.